Niko "HK" producer, mix and mastering engineer

Vāmācāra (SanskritवामाचारSanskrit pronunciation: [ʋaːmaːtɕaːɽɐ]) is a tantric term meaning “left-hand path”


Hi, my name is Niko “HK”. I’m a producer, mixing and mastering engineer at the VAMACARA STUDIO (France).


I started my audio career 15 years ago and I had the pleasure to work with many artists as talented as SINSAENUM, LOUDBLAST, DAGOBA, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, SIRENIA, VENTED (with members of DAATH and DEVILDRIVER).
I’m also the last producer who worked with the mighty Joey Jordison.


I love to work with bands who want to push the boundaries of creativity, and design a unique sonic signature together.


From the arrangements of your songs, to the final mastering I produce music with perfection in mind.


The studio consists in 2 control rooms, 1 live room, private flat and house, equipped kitchen and all accommodations you need.


Most of mix sessions are done remotely nowadays. I use tools to mix with you even if you’re in a different place. I also do the final mastering of my mixes : in that way you’ll have a complete control on each step of your production.


If you’re on a budget, I’ll help you to find the perfect solution to record by yourselves and guarantee the quality of the final result.



This is the first step ! And it’s crucial. Without great recordings there are no great souding mixes !  From the choice of microphones to the final editing, we’ll shape the tone your music needs from scratch with no compromises. We’ll also help you to get the result you want at the source.


A very good mix can bring your flat tracks to life with punch, dynamic and professional sound.
We take our time to understand what you want as final result and we go beyond it.
We can also help you to record your tracks at home and get great results. Last but not least, we mix your songs in the “hybrid way” that means we use both analog and digital tools to add depth, warmth and width to your tracks


This final step is not black magic !
We pay great attention to the quality of the mix, because having a great mix means that you’ll get a great mastering . We encourage you to let us mix your songs to get the profesionnal sound we can get.
We deliver mastered files in WAV, mp3, DDP and files for streaming and vinyls.


I worked and collaborated with too many bands and artists to list them all. But here are the latest productions 

Our productions appear on :



The VAMACARA STUDIO is more than a classic recording studio. It’s a collective gathering highly talented producers and musicians.

Stéphane Buriez, producer and sound engineer

Stéphane Buriez


More than 35 years spent in the music business. Leader of the mighty LOUDBLAST and well-known producer at the former LB-LAB. Stef produced some major records such as Black Bomb A, Loudblast, Lycosia and so much more. He also plays guitars in SINSAENUM.

niko "HK", producer, mix and mastering engineer

Niko “HK”


Founder of the VAMACARA STUDIO Niko is a very talented musician and a highly skilled sound engineer. He will always find a solution to make your record sound great, personal and professional.

No matter how famous you are, he will take care of your art with passion and precision.

Déhà, arrangements


Déhà is a “one of a kind” artist that can produce, arrange any style from hip-hop to classical orchestrations to extreme metal. He’s known for his extremely wide range of music.

He will arrange your songs with bombastic orchestrations as well as very moody synths for your song

Frédéric leclercq, producer, arrangements

Frédéric Leclercq


What a career ! DRAGONFORCE, KREATOR, LOUDBLAST, SINSAENUM, AMAHIRU… Fred is one of the best musicians in the metal scene. He knows exactly how to arrange a song and turn it into a banger.


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