Do you need another drums samples pack ?


As a mixer, I often receive some bad drums tracks to mix. The easiest way to fix this is to replace the shells with already processed drums samples. 

The RAW DRUMS SAMPLES pack will help you to keep the natural feeling of the drums and turn bad drums sound into a real and professional drums sound.

Need to know how to mix drums ? I got your back.
Mix walkthrough included ! 
And it’s 100% free !


This drums samples pack including : 
– 3 drumkits
– One shots Kick and Snare
– 7 extra snares
TCIs only (you’ll need Trigger2 by slate digital to use this pack)


Music written and recorded by Thomas Moreau
Drums programmed by Amaury Pastorelli
Mix and mastering by HK


Hi, my name is Niko “HK” and I’m a producer, mix and mastering engineer at the VAMACARA STUDIO (France).
I started my audio career 15 years ago and had the chance to work with many artists as talented as SINSAENUM, LOUDBLAST, DAGOBA, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, SIRENIA, VENTED (with members of DAATH and DEVILDRIVER) and I’m the last producer who worked with the mighty Joey Jordison.


This RAW SAMPLES PACK gathers all the drums samples I use all the time in my productions. You’ll be able to use it in your own mixes to retain all the flavor of a real drum sound. Those samples are designed to sound as raw as you want but also very produced with few extra treatments. This pack includes a mix walkthrough to show you how to process those samples.


I love real and punchy drums sound ! So let’s make real drums sound great again !

Thomas is a French guitarist, composer and session musician. He is known for his solo project Orrow (prog metal) and his band Hurakan (Blackened Deathcore).

After graduating from MAI (Music Academy International) in 2016, he toured through Europe and wrote an album with the band Think of A New Kind.

You can find him on socials @thisisorrow for original music, live content and guitar lessons.