The mixing stage is where all the recorded tracks are processed and balanced to form a single coherent and enjoyable track to listen to. The quality of the mix depends entirely on the tracks. If we are strictly mixing your project, we encourage you to reach out before you begin the recording process so that we can offer input and advice to make sure everything goes smoothly. We want to help in any way we can so that the end result, your final mix is amazing.

There are plenty of options, you can for example record guitars and bass yourself and allow us to “re-amp” them for you. Regardless, we encourage you to use an experienced engineer and a nice studio to record your drums and vocals.

Mixing rock and metal is very meticulous. It takes a great deal of knowledge and experience with the genre in order to achieve a competitive end result. After spending 20+ years in the French rock & metal scene as a musician and more than 12 years of production in the studio, we guarantee we can deliver the quality you need and expect for your album or EP.


We like to begin the process by having clear communication about your expectations for the final product. In this process we can get to know you, your taste, and everyone in the band individually so that everyone can offer input into what becomes your final mix.

Together we will put together a clear and concise plan for putting everything together.

We will not force you into something because we want it, we will always communicate clearly with you to remain on the same page about everything so that you can get the best quality product per your vision.

Our knowledge of rock and metal will allow us to guide you through the process the best way we can in a way that is personal, professional and unique.


Once we know exactly what you’re looking for, we can begin the process.

As far as remote mixing, we can provide re-amping of guitars and bass if needed, and the processing and clean up of the drum tracks.

We will not be responsible for editing. You will need to have your engineer/producer provide us with the fully edited and consolidated multi-tracks that are 24-44.1 WAV format. From that point we can work together to begin the mixing process.

We will begin with one song, and provide you with the mix. Once that mix is approved, we will use that as a template to mix the remaining songs. This helps us make sure we are hitting the mark and achieving your vision in the most efficient way possible, then we can move on to Production.


What does “Production” mean?

Production is the process of adding effects that will give added energy, movement and excitement to your mix. It also encompasses other processes like “automation” which adds dynamics from one song to another as needed so that each song has a bit of its own life!

This process is what brings life to the record as a whole.

It is up to us to rediscover your music!

We do not get paid hourly, but rather by the song! So there is no time limit during the mixing process. We can sequence the songs to your satisfaction, and we are aware that a full album of approximately 10 songs can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to complete.
We at VAMACARA Studio take great pride in what we do, and regardless of the status of your band (local, national, global) we will deliver the highest quality rock and metal recordings possible.
Our mixes are systematically mastered with great attention to detail. You have full control of the process and are only working with one individual.

Live Mix Streaming: Remote Mixing

Our remote mixing process is efficient, and proven. We can easily answer any questions or concerns without you being directly present in the studio. 

We understand that from time to time, you will need to be present to make the process smoother.
This is why we’ve set up a live streaming solution. You will be able to interact live with us and see your revisions and suggestions applied in real time. You can now be right with us, without having to travel!

LOUDBLAST “3 Decades Live Ceremony”

CRESCENT “The Order Of Amenti”

MIND IMPERIUM “Way To Carcosa”


EVERRISE “After The Eclipse”

MALKAVIAN “Altar Of plagues”

KHAOS DEI “Opus II : catechism”

DHATTURA “Be All Mine”



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