metering mastering

This step of the process is to standardize the mixes of your album from song by song, so that they all feel similar in energy, loudness and vibe. This process also allows for us to get more volume and aggression so that it is competitive with any other commercial release.

We strive to keep the color and dynamics of the mix. Being loud for the sake of being loud isn’t a goal of ours. We prefer to master our mixes in a way that make them shine, not just sound loud.
Allowing us to mix and master your record will guarantee you a result that achieves not only a industry standard quality, but one that allows you to be totally involved along every step of the way.

Our mastering is done with a hybrid setup of analog hardware and software plugins.


The mixes are first treated “in the box” with a series of plugins that clean up your mix. Here there is subtle touch-ups done to allow the mix to behave properly once its pushed through the analog hardware. Once the analog processing is performed it is sent back into Pro Tools to be printed.


mastering tubes compressor VARIMU

Something we hear often is, “Rock and Metal is compressed music”

It really isn’t. If we want to get the loudness we want, we prefer not to over-compress our masterings. By operating in this way, we can get louder listenable volumes without being harsh and remaining dynamic, punchy, musical and “in your face”!

We use G-Comp 4000 type compressors and VARIMU tube compressors. 


Mastering parallel Eq

A standard of any industry professional. 

Through use of EQ and Saturation, we can get your mix to sound huge and wide during mastering. 

After processing the mix “in the box” we use a series of analog EQ’s including MaagEq4 and the Pultec (lamp eq).

By operating in this way we get a wide, dynamic and above all musical mastering.



Mastering converter AURORA

Clipping is the ultimate weapon to reach big volume in the most transparent way possible. 

We avoid using limiters that just slam the whole mix, making it feel “brick-walled’.

Clipping can add this type of volume but without stifling the dynamics.

For this, we use Lynx Aurora mastering converters.


here is a sample of what a mastering is ! band : RED SKY BURNING (be) 

We need your final mixes in wav format (24/44.1) with no limiter on

Our mastering are delivered in :
– wav (16-44.1 + 24-44.1 + 24-48)
– mp3 (320k)
– itunes/youtube

Prices are based on tracks and timing. Feel free to contact us to get a quote.

There’s no limitations on feedbacks.