Working on the full production together means to take care of your arrangements during the preproduction step. We will help you to bring your music to the next level from start to finish.

Frédéric Leclercq (sinsaenum/Kreator) and Hk will help you to create your own sonic signature and make your record sounds professional.


We will be focused on the quality of the trackings because everything depends on it.
Get it right from the source !

Good takes are good mixes ! Period.


A very good mix can bring your flat tracks to life with punch, dynamic and professional sound.

We take our time to understand what you want as final result and we go beyond because of our 20 years of experience in rock/metal genre



The final step ! 

We use “high-end” analog gear to achieve loud and clear masterings.

We pay a great attention to the quality of the mix because a great mix is a great mastering. 
We encourage you to work with us on mix and mastering to get a huge, massive et precise masterings


We do believe that there’s no “magic of sound”, the magic is created when a strong relationship of trust is established between the artist and our team. That’s why we have developed a solution to allow you to mix your project in real time.

You will be able to interact directly with us and explain to us, with your words, in video and without any latency, the vision of your project.

You will be able to see the mix screen but also to listen to the your mix in real time in lossless format.

No more mix revisions by phone or email that make collaboration impersonal and are very often causes of misunderstanding.

Let’s work together as if we were physically together in the studio.

This solution is available for any mixing and mastering of an album of more than 7 tracks.


If you want to get a professional production while respecting a budget, contact us now.

VAMACARA STUDIO will put its long years of experience in rock and metal at your disposal.

With the help of Frédéric Leclercq (sinsaenum / kreator) we can also assist you in the full production of your project. From the writings of your songs to the final mastering.


    Peccatum Management
    Frédéric Leclercq

    Our priority, your satisfaction