Made by musicians for musicians, Vamacara studio is a professional recording studio dedicated to Rock and Metal music based in Clisson, France.

Vamacara Studio is the place for a band looking to push their sound to the next level.

With over 20 years of experience we know exactly what a band strives for in today’s competitive music environment.

We strongly believe an album can be produced to a professional standard without big name studios and unreasonable budgets. In this day and age, bands produce their albums independently and Vamacara Studio is the answer to bands and artists seeking that professional sound with a justifiable cost.

We bring life and excitement to your music with nothing but perfection in mind.

Rock is our kultur, we make it louder !



    This first step is the most crucial step, getting your sound.

    We achieve your sound whilst tracking to ensure your mix turns out flawless. We put our heads down and strive for the best possible sound for your band. Each tweak and adjustment are made with you and for you.

    Your vision, is our Vision.


    Mixing is the art of understanding what message our clients want to send with their music.

    We are musicians first so we know exactly how important it is to get the most perfect, coherent mix. No matter how much time it takes, you’ll get your professional mix.

    Our rates are determined by your number of multi tracks and not flat rates!


    We use a combination both of analogue and digital mastering methods to make your mixes universal and punchy.

    Bottom line is, If you have a great sounding mix, you’ll get a huge, warm and dynamic master.
    We master your song to fit the right level for all platforms : CD, iTunes, Vinyl and any digital distribution.


Our latest work :


ACOD – Above Us – Aksaya – Antropofago – Aodon – AZZIARD – Bombtrain – Clouds Of Dementia – Crowling – DeathAwaits – Derealized – Dysylumn – FLAYED – FT-17 – Goatfather – High Gain – I See Land – Infinityum – KHAOSDEI – Laid Down Rivers – MALKAVIAN – Noein – Octane – Ogarya – OTARGOS – RedDawn – Serpens Luminis – Stride Against Lies – The Cleaner – The Fall Of Time – THE ORDER OF APOLLYON – The135 – Toter Fisch – VOLKER – Vorkreist – Whisper Of Ba’al…

Recording Labels :

Listenable Records – Osmose Productions – Finisterian Dead End Records – Kaotoxin – Agonia Records – MO Office…


  • STEP#1 :

    Together, we’ll discuss about your project, your influences and your goal in the production.

  • STEP#2 :

    We’ll offer our expertise to help send your message. We’ll work together to make your vision come to life. There’s no right or wrong way to make music. The only thing that matters is your satisfaction.

  • STEP#3 :

    You’ll get your project album, ep or demo with your sound, your personnality but in a professional way.

We love to share ideas, talk, discover and try work with trust and passion on your project.


All our mixes are analogue summed for maximum punch and life.

You get both the flexibility of an ITB (in the box) mix and the warm, raw sound of analogue gear.

Here is our signal for our analogue summing:

> Pro Tools 12
> Soundcraft 8000 Mixing Console (Pre-amps + eq per busses)
> SSL G Buss Compressor
> Madrigal OB68 Tube Pre-amp (to add harmonics and warmth)

We also use a wide range of plug-ins ranging from Steven Slate, Waves, FabFilter and SoundSpot to name a few.

Our Soundcraft 8000 mixing console is the heart of our studio. This mixing desk was built for making a punchy Rock sound in the 1980’s. We also use a vast range of outboard gear from compressors to equalizers to add life to the tracking stage.



Our rates are based on the number of tracks you have to mix/master NOT per day.